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With: Andrew Benjamin, Josephine Bosma, Andy Cameron, Timothy Druckrey, Rudolf Frieling, Mark B. Hansen.

Edited by Joke Brouwer, Arjen Mulder and Anne Nigten.

aRt&D: Research and Development in Art
lays open a new investigative field of art that emerged in the last few decades as a result of media and technology influences. aRt&D introduces the diversity of this new art domain to a broader audience. It is the first book that is entirely dedicated to artistic research and development.

In the past decades a new international trend has emerged within the arts, usually referred to as "electronic," "digital," or "interactive" art. In the 1980s, artists mainly worked with radio and video, where in the last fifteen years digital media and network technologies have emerged as their instruments of choice. This new art domain is characterized by collaboration between artists, designers, engineers and scientists, who join forces in researching and experimenting with new opportunities for using technology for artistic ends.

aRt&D: Research and Development in Art not only provides a unique insight in the art practice through essays in which artists write about their personal experiences, it also develops a theoretical framework for these projects. The book contains contributions by the award-winning performance group Blast Theory, media artist Thecla Schiphorst, art critics Josephine Bosma and Rudolf Frieling, media theorist Andy Cameron, curators Mark Hansen and Inke Arns, philosopher Andrew Benjamin, and many others. Timothy Druckrey, expert in this field, evaluates the importance of artistic research and development so far. aRt&D positions itself as a pioneering work: it is the first book ever published that focuses in depth on interdisciplinary research and development from an artistic perspective.



  • Introduction
  • Andrew Benjamin: Plurality of Actions: Notes on an Ontology of Technique
  • Josephine Bosma: Net Art: Building Something out of Nothing
  • Andy Cameron: Dinner with Myron or: Rereading Artificial Reality 2: Reflections on Interface and Art
  • Timothy Druckrey: (Ad)Venture Aesthetics?
  • Rudolf Frieling: Database and Context: Artistic Strategies within a Dynamic Field of Action
  • Mark B.N. Hansen: Embodyment: The Machinic and the Human
  • Anne Nigten: Blurred Disciplines, Expressive Software


Artist Projects

  • Archined, Stealth and V2_Lab
  • Ars Electronica Futurelab and Brucknerhaus
  • Blast Theory
  • Sara Diamond
  • Sher Doruff
  • Edwin van der Heide and Lars Spuybroek
  • Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer
  • Knowbotic Research
  • David Link
  • Esther Polak
  • David Rockeby
  • Q.S. Serafijn and Lars Spuybroek
  • Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignoneau
  • Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák and Márton Fernezelyi
  • Time's Up
  • whisper